On December 11th 2016 evening, the Spanish sky was lit up at 22:25 local time (21:25 UT) thanks to a very bright fireball which magnitude was below that of the full moon (magnitude estimated to -15±2)

Read more at https://xissufotoday.space/2016/12/new-video-meteor-fireball-from-observatory-ridge-in-spain.html

The event was recorded by several fireball and meteor observing stations
december 13 evening in Switzerland
was doing live streaming
caught at least one fireball
go to timeline 1:15:51 in this video


many more meteors here and there, just no time yet to look it all up ( 3h of stream recorded )

camera used Sony A7s and lens Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 , pretty good combo for lowlight. Exposure/ISO/shutterspeed set on pur
Around 4:30 it's suddenly become clear in Wilderen(Belgium) and different Geminids were recorded by Cams and even two fireballs on the all-sky.
The first one on the all-sky at 04:48 UT and the second one at 05:10 UT. All together 44 meteors were captured by Cams between 4:33 UT and 6:28 UT. Sometimes, there were two at a time.

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